SWIMTAG Now Available at Ponds Forge

We are excited to announce that the award winning SWIMTAG technology has officially launched at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

What is SWIMTAG?

SWIMTAG is the latest wearable technology that allows you to track your activity in the pool including calories burned, lengths and strokes.

How does it work?

SWIMTAG wristbands use a combination of sensors to record your arm movement and position in the pool, which in turn allows the band to track and record your progress. Simply swipe your membership card at the docking station to activate a wristband.

What are the benefits?

SWIMTAG is a great motivator to see how far you’ve progressed plus, SWIMTAG notifies you when you’ve achieved a new personal best!

Challenge Yourself

On the SWIMTAG website and app, you’ll find regular challenges you can set yourself, such as swimming the Channel, Loch Ness or the Gibraltar straight, all from the comfort of a swimming pool.

Make swim mates

Follow your friends so you can keep track of their progress too, ad share your own achievements with them!

SWIMTAG is available to all Fitness Unlimited members and lifeCARD holders completely FREE. Ask reception for more information on how to use Swimtag.