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Mark McCammon

Having been involved in fitness all my life through both Athletics and my career as a Professional Footballer, I have experienced various training techniques, approaches and methods, all of which have helped shape me to become the Personal Trainer that I am today.  I have also had direct experience of a variety of diets and nutrition plans and their benefits and drawbacks, first hand.

Representing England in the U17 200m Sprint gave me an excellent insight into the training that is demanded of the Elite athletes and the extent of how their training differs to that of a beginner.  Likewise, I have also experienced a variety of injuries and knocks along the way which has given me excellent first-hand knowledge of the rehabilitation process and the alterations and modifications required throughout this process.

I have also had the benefit of experiencing a variety of Sport Psychology techniques and approaches and, with the extent of my experience, how these apply and motivate to different personalities.

I believe my strengths as a Personal Trainer lie in weight loss (guaranteed!), strength and conditioning (muscle building) and coaching Elite performers as a direct result of my first-hand experience within the Sports industry.  

My 16-year Football career saw me reach my peak playing in the FA Cup Final in 2004 with Millwall against Manchester Utd.  I have also played for several other clubs including Charlton Athletic FC, Brighton FC, Doncaster Rovers FC.  Finishing in 2012 I then went on to undertake a Degree in Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting (BA (Hons)) and featured on various football matches live commentary.

I got into Personal Training when I finished my football career after being continually approached by my peers (still within football) who were seeking advice and support for their fitness and diet.  Seeing them get great results through weight loss and improved fitness inspired me to want to help others achieve their goals. 

I also work with young children with anger management issues and behavioral problems through Social Services to educate them and train them giving them a controlled behavioural outlet whilst also working on instilling discipline.

I run a range of outdoor Fitness Camps which include Boxing classes, Circuit Training and Core sessions.

Member Progress - Mark Raynes

Client progress

Back in September 2016, I weighed 114kg, wore extra large shirts and 38” waist in jeans.

4 months later I`m now weighing 96kg, wearing medium shirts and 34” waist in jeans. That says it all! I've lost nearly 3 stone. Amazing results!

The training has been hard, fun and highly effective. Mark takes you to your absolute limit, and then a bit more, to really maximize results.

Every session has been completely different, never once the same. I never thought working out could be so much fun, especially the football sessions. Mark just keeps you going. On my own, I would never have kept going to this level, but Mark just keeps you going and believing in yourself.

Mark also sorted my food intake, what to eat and when, and it all works. The results speak for themselves! My body has changed so much and I now also have so much more energy and vitality. Mark has changed my life completely, giving me a totally different perspective on food and exercise.

Specialist Areas

  • Body Building
  • Building Muscle
  • Cardio Training
  • Conditioning
  • Weight Loss


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